PyQt5 / PySide2 QTableView how to find out if row is selected and which one in Python?

Question: I have a QTableView in PyQT5 / PySide2 I want to Know if a row is selected (my tableview is set to select by rows) Know which row is selected Thanks Answer: A bit hackishly though: select = tableview.selectionModel() selected = select.selectedRows() if selected:       print(selected[0].row()) but that does it well: selected = select.hasSelection()

Fixing an issue of tkinter tags overlapping

If you’ve worked with tkinter’s Text widget, you may notice that when you add many tags to it sometimes things get messed. So let’s dive right into this. We will use syntax highlighting as an example. Explaining our goal Consider we have the following code, from tkinter import * class Files(Frame):     def __init__(self, parent):         Frame.__init__(self,… Continue Reading Fixing an issue of tkinter tags overlapping